In this post, we’ll break down why the About Page might be critical for your sales and what can you do to make it perform. 

Also, if you didn’t see our article about Building Trust Through EEAT in YMYL Niches make sure to check it out. There we explained the pillars of building trust on the website, and this post comes as a niched-down next step.  

Through IceWeb’s expertise we will be able to provide you with details regarding the importance of your own About Us page and further increase the user experience on your website.

Why Do Users Visit the About Us Page?

Let’s see what the users’ journey looks like on one average website. 

Someone lands on the website, finds something interesting, and is willing to explore further. They open the About Us page.

Now they will want to see: 

  • Who is behind the website, 
  • Are they a legitimate company, 
  • Should I trust them, 
  • Are they a real point of authority, 
  • Can they help my business,
  • Etc.


So from here, you can tell that the About Us page can play a huge role in your brand awareness, the authority you’re demonstrating, and at the end of the day, conversion rate and the amount of leads/sales you’ve generated. 

Key Elements of About Us Pages

Let’s start with the basis. Here we’ll explain what should you feature on About Us pages, and later on we’ll dive into the more complex strategies and tactics you might use. 

Introduction to the organization: History, mission, values

The first step is always to provide an overview of the organization’s journey, including its founding story, significant milestones, and moments that have shaped its identity and purpose.

After that initial information, continue with the mission statement. It serves as a guiding principle and reflects the organization’s main goals, aspirations, and commitments. 

A great idea is also to showcase your core values. There you’ll explain more about the organization’s culture, ethos, and approach to conducting business.

Team profiles: Highlighting expertise, experience, and qualifications

Make sure to showcase the talents and capabilities of the organization’s team members, including executives, employees, and key contributors. 

A great factor in building authority will be presenting team member’s professional background, educational qualifications, industry expertise, and specialized skills. 

This is a great opportunity to showcase to Google as well as visitors what are your precise areas of expertise, locations where you’re the most relevant, and so on. Although you might not be willing to rank this page, it serves a purpose to define you as an authority in a certain field. 

Awards and certifications: Establishing credibility and authority

Now we’re diving deeper into the expertise. Here you should display any industry awards, or certifications earned by the organization or its team members, highlighting what matters the most. 

By showcasing affiliations with reputable industry-relevant companies, regulatory bodies, or professional networks you can position yourself right in the center of your niche. 

Advanced Strategies For About Us Pages

Storytelling: The best way to connect

Utilizing storytelling on your About Us page includes creating a narrative that connects with your audience and humanizes and makes your brand genuine. Identify key elements of your brand’s journey, including its origins, challenges, and values. Develop a story that’s interesting for readers, showcasing key moments and key individuals. 

Another great tip is to enhance your storytelling with visuals. Images, videos, infographics, it’s always good to mix the dull text with some visual elements. 

Social Media and External Profiles: Strengthen the connection with your entity

Google is not getting information about you and your business on your website only. It collects and aggregates all the mentions of you, your employees, your brand and much more. 

The goal here is to understand who are you inside out. Luckily, once you know this, you can work it to your advantage and help Google connect the dots.

First things first, make sure to link to your social media, especially the professionally oriented ones. Then, for all the subject matter experts on your team, make sure to showcase and link their social media profiles as well. They might be building authority on other platforms, and by connecting your site with those profiles, you’re pointing out that the person is your employee, manager, or even executive. 

The same goes for professional magazines, industry-related publications, etc. Wherever your brand or your employees are having an industry-related activity, research, thought or publication, you’re getting in a win-win situation when you create a connection between them. 

Testimonials: Validation of expertise and trustworthiness

Maybe you have a separate page for past projects, testimonials or reviews, yet it won’t hurt to have it additionally in the About Us page as well.

Show authentic testimonials and endorsements from satisfied clients, customers, or partners who have experienced the organization’s offerings.

Those testimonials can reflect the breadth and depth of the organization’s impact, credibility, and trustworthiness across different demographics, industries, or use cases.


Crafting an About Us page that demonstrates authority is not just about providing basic information. It’s about strategically showcasing your brand’s expertise, experience, and trustworthiness. Reach out to IceWeb today to discover how to elevate your About Us page to the next level and through that, reach more people and increase your business’s revenue.

To start, we need to demonstrate our authority through the brand’s history, mission, values, then backed up by awards and recognitions and qualifications. 

This is equally relevant to both – potential clients, in order to have trust in the brand and convert in the end. And for Google – since from there, Google is learning who you are, who is standing behind your company, and in which areas you can be trusted. 

Topical authority has been a buzzword in SEO, and that’s for a reason. 

With an About Us page only, you’re not going to get a huge topical authority. For that, you need a decent content strategy and a bit of magic. 

So if you have your content strategy in place, the magic that you’re missing might just lie in the small tricks such as the one explained in this post. 

This was one of the many tactics we’ve been successfully implementing for our clients at IceWeb, and we have much more to show. If you’re having challenges with your online visibility and digital performance, make sure to get in touch, and we’ll be glad to put into production all of our efforts.